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Home Sweet Home

Left Cali and Arizona. Now in Durango, Colorado, for two weeks. Good to be back. Wow, how I missed this place. Sure wish I could find a decent job back here and move back!

Monterey coast at night


Back in Tucson

Came back to Tucson yesterday. Perhaps we should have gone somewhere else. The area apparently had some sort of wind storm last night. Wasn’t much fun being in the RV during what seemed like a mini tornado. Leaving for TX Wednesday.

Trail in Tucson


The Beautiful Desert

Just started a WordPress blog, and thought I would throw on a few photos to get the site looking better.

In Tucson right now training. This is a photo taken while riding.Image


Beautiful Day For a Ride

Dyan Lee

Just started a WordPress blog.  Plan to hook it up to my official Web site:

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